2018 Teams

Active Energy Systems is commercializing a new form of energy storage that is clean, economical, safe and long-lasting. We harness the abundant amounts of waste heat that the commercial and industrial sectors generate daily. Instead of consuming electricity to dispose of their heat, our customers will now be able to utilize their heat to produce electricity for a major portion of the day. As such, we provide a viable form of energy storage to producers of low-grade waste heat, enabling lower costs and a cleaner future.

Website: www.activeenergysystems.com



DTE Materials has developed a high performing, nontoxic, and sustainable insulation material that is derived from bast fiber cellulose and manufactured through a novel chemical treatment process, resulting in a healthier, more energy-efficient building profile.

Website: www.dtematerials.com



Feros offers the trucking industry a battery electric trailer (BET) to reduce diesel fuel consumption. By integrating existing technologies seamlessly, we are creating a propriety system that solves the barriers to alternative energy adoption in semi-truck applications. Feros is evolving the trailer from a box on wheels into a value-creation asset that enables companies to move freight cheaper, faster, and cleaner.

Website: https://ferosfreight.weebly.com/



Got Charged allows Plug-in Electric Vehicle drivers to have stress-free driving experience by computing a more robust and accurate driving range and recommending the best available charging stations. GotCharged learns the driving pattern of each user and considers the worst-case traffic patterns to help EV drivers. Our algorithm relies on interdisciplinary skill sets ranging from software engineering, data science, machine learning, and optimization, to behavior modeling. GotCharged provides the smartest and most personalized EV charging solutions tailored to your driving needs. Drive EV and simply enjoy the carefree commute; we will take care of the rest.

Website: gotchargedapp.com


Safi Analytics is providing factories in emerging markets with a simple, intuitive platform to manage energy, prevent downtime, and track operations remotely on their smartphones. The team will be headquartered in Nairobi in order to work closely with industrial customers and design a platform that meets the unique needs of emerging markets.

Website: www.safigen.com



Threestone Analytics provides accessible, reliable and high-resolution energy data to an undeserved ecosystem by connecting a community through ubiquitous technology, machine learning, and cloud, creating the 1st digital hub for sustainable energy in Latin America.

Website: www.threestone.io