2017 Teams


Cloud Instruments helps battery researchers and engineers accelerate the pace of battery R&D by providing a superior data analytics platform using cloud computing and machine learning. Our platform automates data handling, storage, and visualization to save time and uses machine learning to provide deeper insights for decision-making.

Website: http://www.batteryinstrument.com



Flux Technologies has developed advanced composite membranes that provide low cost and highly efficient hydrogen and natural gas purification. These highly selective, productive, and robust membranes enable small-scale and distributed hydrogen production from natural gas reforming, as well as allow biogas producers to upgrade their renewable feedstock to pipeline-quality natural gas. With membrane performance exceeding anything currently available on the market, Flux aims to improve the availability of hydrogen and biomethane, two crucial fuels for a sustainable future.

Website: fluxtech.io


FUEL Tech encompasses the Fundamental Understanding of Energy Lab (FUEL)whose mission is to develop clean energy solutions to improve quality of life.Utilizing alkaline fuel cell technology, we are developing a renewable energy storage system to enable energy security. Our system will allow for the reliable use of distributed renewable energy technology by storing energy in an environmentally friendly way using cost-effective materials.

Website: http://fueltech.me/


Noble Thermodynamics is a pre-funding stage startup spun out from the Combustion Analysis Laboratories at University of California, Berkeley. Our core technology is a closed-loop IC engine cycle using a noble gas working fluid to increase efficiency and facilitate exhaust product separation. Our technology will support a scenario of carbon dioxide-free power generation from natural gas and deep integration of renewable energy through cost-effective hydrogen energy storage.

Website: noblethermo.com


Solstice Energy Solutions is using data-driven approaches and integrated technology to solve energy challenges for millions of homes and small businesses around the world who rely on both grid and distributed energy sources. Their first product, Shyft by Solstice combines the functionality of a smart transfer switch and energy meter to allow seamless shifting between energy sources, enabling better efficiency and simple energy management.

Website: http://www.trysolstice.com